Monday, October 13, 2014


Hey Guys,

OK, totally excited about this new program!!! Yes, of course I'm still doing my usual InboxDollars and Ebates, but I'm very excited about this new one. It's promising, growing, and the cash accumulates quickly. You can join for free and get paid for clicking banners or you can start with $5 and start earning with ads. It's simple and fun and, as I mentioned, the money really adds up.

Check it out HERE

Monday, January 13, 2014

Giant Cinema - And Other Reviews

I've recently signed up with GiantCinema which looks very promising. It only just went live a couple of days ago but apparently, you earn 10% of the commercial's revenue for all your referrals. It seems promising and I'm excited. As usual, I will keep everyone posted on how it pans out.

Okay guys, now, as promised, here's my reviews of the recent services posted.

I continue to be impressed with InboxDollars. I have earned over $200 with them so far while putting in zero effort. As I've written from the start, you will not get rich with Inboxdollars but hey, I'm all for free money.

I'm less impressed with their sister site, SendEarnings. I continue to earn money with them, but on a much smaller scale. It doesn't seem that there are as many earning opportunities as there are with InboxDollars.

I will keep everyone posted on GIANTCINEMA.COM. So far, from what I've gathered online, it seems very promising.

Hooray for free money!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


After getting my most recent check from InboxDollars, I knew I had to find more sites like this. This site is just amazing, and I have only positive reports from their swift check delivery to their real-time customer-service chat.

Imagine my surprise then, when I stumbled upon their sister site, SendEarnings. It's the exact same site. Literally. I'm now earning double the money, daily.

Both sites have a $5 sign up bonus, daily emails, surveys, tasks, and many more ways to earn.

Happy Earning!

Friday, April 19, 2013

InboxDollars! Love!

And now for my InboxDollars update:

Well, I ordered my first check from InboxDollars and I have to say, I'm so impressed.

Now goodness knows I'm a big fan of Swagbucks, heck, they gave me 50 bucks on my birthday and I love everyone that sends me a good present,(Message me for my address!), but I find InboxDollars to be so impressive, that it's definitely turning into a close toss-up.

Firstly, InboxDollars give actual Cash. They have 24 hour a day online-chat customer service with polite representatives whose first language is English! There are emails, surveys, tasks, and searches daily. There's a $5 sign up bonus, and a daily spin where I also won $5 once. (Y'know when you see the $5 spin reward option but assume they never let anyone land on it? Well I did!)Generally, I find them to be very generous.

I work from home online so I'm online anyway. I might as well earn a few bucks while I'm in between work! I only spend a few minutes a day on it and while it's certainly not big bucks, if you're online anyway, it's free money and it's fun!

One quick note on Swagbucks, Swagbucks if you have facebook, you must go to the page called "Swagcodez". They literally update the moment there's a new code onto your newsfeed. It's an amazing tool!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three GREAT Ways To Save Money (And who doesn't want to do that?)

I've been using 3 different money-making programs for a while now and am quite impressed with each. Please note that none of these are income earning. YOu will not get rich and retire to your lavish yacht in the South Pacific. But it's extra money in your pocket or clothing bought free from Gap for the kids. I'll take it!

1. EBATES - This is the simplest and most straightforward program to use. When you go to make an online purchase, just do it through the store's link on Ebates's website and earn a percentage of the amount you spent back! I recently got 2% back on a large Old Navy order and 10% back on a big Snapfish order. There are also daily doubles (Both Old Navy and Gap were recently at 4% back!) and special deals. Love it!

2. SWAGBUCKS - I love Swagbucks because there are so many ways to earn. I can do a search, watch a quick clip, partake in the daily poll, complete a task or survey, play a game, take advantage of a special offer, and much much more. I'm a fan of Swagcodez on Facebook so I get live Swag codes the moment they come in. I then enter it on their site for a free 3-12 bucks. They even sent me 50 Swagbucks for my birthday!

3. INBOX DOLLARS - Lastly folks, we have a great new site called Inboxdollars. It's very similar to Swagbucks, in that you can earn in so many fun ways, but it's even better because you get actual cash. CASH. Who doesn't want that? You get $5.00 just for signing up and each short survey is .50 cents minimum. You can also earn with searches, clips, tasks, and so on. They also have the same program as the above 2 sites in that you can earn money but clicking their link to shop online. It's always fun to get back a percentage of your shopping bill online! Enjoy earning everybody!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to the Grind

As summer draws to a close, and the children return to school, I look forward to the start of the year with an optimistic eye and a pocket-full of resolutions that I will hopefully stick with past Thursday.

Here in Israel, they stagger the first several days of school to get the children used to the new classroom. I myself find it wholly pointless. As it is, 3 out of 4 kids will be dismissed this year at 1:00. That's ONE O'CLOCK. They need 3 weeks to get used to that? Remember as a child when you'd go visit Grandpa and he'd sit on his porch swing with a steaming mug of Metamucil and wax nostalgic about how he had to walk his donkey uphill to school in the snow? Well that's how I've sounded for the past 2 weeks as I've grumbled my way through uniform shopping unnecessary-school-supply shopping, and incessant book wrapping. To their credit, while I ranted and raved the kids have all sat politely and listened while I....HEY! Where did they go?!

My boys' various schedules for the week look something like this:

Monday-First Day Of School from 8:00-8:05. Children will stand outside the building and look at it. They will then receive a cookie and go home. Mom gets to stay for an hour long orientation with speeches as stale as the complimentary borekas.

Tuesday-School from 8:00-8:50-Students may roam the halls, use the bathroom, and play in the school yard. They will then receive a cookie and go home.

Wednesday-School until 10:00am. Students will get to see their classroom and meet the Rebbi. They will be shown their seat, but no actual sitting until Thursday. We regret to inform you that the school budget doesn't allow for more cookies.

This goes on.

And this is just the boys. I have a whole 'nother schedule for my daughter that will either be the exact opposite times to ensure that an entire day is spent on schools, OR the exact same times to ensure that you have to somehow be at 2 places simultaneously. I can barely keep track of my kids even when they all have identical schedules, how am I supposed to keep track of this? Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if my daughter ends up in the Cheder, my sons end up in Bais Yaakov (in uniform), and I forget the baby in the makolet.

Is it summer yet?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks, kid

Now that bain hazmanim (loosely translated: 'summer') has officially started, my days have been a whirlwind of errand running, school supply shopping, and of course - work.
There's nothing like 80 women with double strollers crowding into the streets of Geula in 110 degree whether to fight to the death, using pocketbooks as weaponry if need be, over the last 15 shekel glue stick. (Same glue stick at Staples: .19 cents.)

I took a bus ride with my daughter yesterday to the mall to get her earrings fixed.
The bus was quite crowded and we were standing and holding onto a poll. The bus stopped and the two front seats became available.

"Ma! There are seats there! Let's go!"
"We can't, dear. Those seats are for old people."
"But Ma, you ARE old."

Thanks, kid.